Department of MCD Biology, Campus Box 347, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309,


General Policies

The instruments in the facility represent a substantial investment and resource for the research community. The following policies have been established to to ensure that these resources are available to investigators at the optimum performance levels with a minimum of down-time.

In order to gain access to the EM core facility and its instruments, investigators must meet with the staff of the facility to determine what training is required that will be done by the staff.

If you experience any problems while operating instruments, please record it on the log book and notify the facility staff immediately.

Acquired digital images are required to be transferred immediately to CD or through online access. The hard disks are for temporary storage, and old files will be deleted periodically without warning.

Microscope reservation

Microscopes are made available on a first-come first-served basis. Reservation of instruments is through the online scheduling system.

Use of the facility by fully trained individuals is allowed after hours and weekend. In case of emergency, telephone numbers of the staff are posted at various locations around the lab. Access during regular hours is preferred due to the available support.

Cancellation & tardy

Cancellation: If for any reason you cannot use your session, it is your responsibility to delete the sign-up entry from the scheduler as early as possible and to notify the facility staff.

“No show” without cancellation or tardiness without 24-hour notice will be fully billed for the entire period.

Authorship & acknowledgement

The staff of Boulder EM Service will bring significant expertise to your project and may provide data that is essential to the publication of your research project. On occasion, the staff will provide publication ready figures, movies of tomograms, text for the results or materials & methods sections of a manuscript, or consultation on the interpretation of EM and/or tomography data. This level of involvement in a project is usually recognized with an authorship. We may discuss this with you as we discuss the scope of your project. Minimally, the Boulder EM Service expects to be listed in the “Acknowledgement” of your paper as the source of the EM data that is presented.

Last updated: 2017-02-08