Lower Division Lab Requirement Options

MCDB majors must take 2 credits of a biology lab that coincide with their MCDB biology sequence. These two credit hour labs are intended to provide students with first hand research experience very early on in their academic career. The two credit hour lab can be taken either in the Fall semester OR students may decide to wait until the spring semester. In all cases, students must complete the 2 credit biology lab in their first year.

Please note, that for the first semester biology course for MCDB, it can be met with EITHER MCDB 1150 OR EBIO 1210. While students who have earned AP biology credit (which is equivalent to EBIO 1210, 1230, 1220 and 1240- aka gen bio 1 and gen bio 2) are technically exempt from MCDB 1150, we highly encourage MCDB majors to take MCDB 1150 as this course is designed to most adequately prepare them for the upper division MCDB molecular biology courses. Students with AP biology credit will not lose any credit hours taking MCDB 1150 since the intro MCDB course is considered a different course. It is highly discouraged to take EBIO 1210 with a 2 credit hour MCDB lab.

We recognize that some students will change their major to MCDB after their first semester, so below we list possible options to complete the MCDB sequence through genetics, MCDB 2150.

Students can meet the 2 credit hour requirement using any ONE of the following options:

  • Take one of the following 2 credit hour labs:
    • MCDB 1161-2 (Offered Fall and Spring)
    • MCDB 1171-2 (Offered Fall)
    • MCDB 2171-2 (Offered Spring)
  • One of the following combinations of one credit hour labs:
    • MCDB 1151-1 and MCDB 2151-1 (1151 is offered Fall, 2151 is offered Spring)
    • EBIO 1230-1 and MCDB 2151-1 (1230 is offered Fall/summer; 2151 is offered Spring)
  • If a student takes one of the 1 credit hour labs, they can also complete the remaining credit by taking one of the 2 credit hour labs.
    • EBIO 1230-1 and one of the 2 credit hour labs (1161, 1171, 2171)
    • MCDB 1151-1 and one of the 2 credit hour labs (1161, 1171, 2171)
    • MCDB 2151-1 and one of the 2 credit hour labs (1161, 1171, 2171)