MCD Biology As A Major

The College of Arts and Sciences offers four undergraduate biology related programs. These areas of study collectively span the range of biological systems from global ecology to the chemical properties of the molecules of life.

Biology Majors

Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (MCDB)
Learn how living systems operate at the cellular and molecular levels of organization, their assembly and structure, with heavy emphasis on genetic information and regulation, including embryonic development.
Biochemistry major in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (BCHM)
The study of the structure, composition, and chemical reactions of substances in living systems.
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EBIO)
The study of ecosystems and the evolutionary history of life on Earth.
Integrative Physiology (IPHY)
Integrative Physiology provides an outstanding foundation for future doctors and nurses, and a firm basis for varied health professions and pursuits.
Neuroscience major in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience
Neuroscience is a collaborative and interdisciplinary study of the brain and nervous system, with subfields including molecular, cellular, developmental, neural circuits/systems, behavioral, cognitive, and translational/medical neuroscience.


Please schedule an appointment with the Biology Advisors for the planning of your curriculum.