MCDB News:

Prof. Norman Pace

May 6, 2015

Norman Pace, a University of Colorado Boulder distinguished professor in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology (MCDB), is retiring after this semester.

His research and teaching career has been punctuated with prestigious awards, including election to the National Academy of Sciences in 1991 and the MacArthur Fellowship “Genius Award” in 2001. Pace first came to CU-Boulder in 1999 and was named distinguished professor in 2008. Pace has authored or contributed to more than 267 published works.

Over the years, Pace has done groundbreaking work in RNA processing. He discovered new microbes by extracting genetic information from samples unable to be cultured in labs, tracing their genetic relatives.

He was among the vanguard of scientists who discovered the existence of extremophiles, which live in areas long thought to be inhospitable to life-in extremely hot, cold or acidic environments, for instance. Most recently, he studied the prevalence of microbes within the human environment-showers, swimming pools and municipal water.
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