MCDB News:

Prof. Michael Stowell

October 6, 2014

Michael Stowell

Associate Professor

The CU Technology Transfer Office is pleased to announce that a CU research team led by Associate Professor Michael Stowell (MCDB; Mechanical Engineering (affiliate); Center for Neuroscience) has been awarded a patent for a new peptide manufacturing process. Now being developed by CU startup company AmideBio, the Biopure® process enables rapid structure activity relationship (SAR) studies on peptide therapeutics as well as ultimately decreasing costs of difficult-to-manufacture peptides. Initial research has focused on the production of amyloid peptides for the study of Alzheimer’s disease, novel thermo stable insulins for treatment for diabetes, as well as solution stable glucagons for emergency hypoglycemia and orphan indications such as hyperinsulinemia.

TTO began prosecuting this family of patents (which includes multiple issued and pending patents in the U.S. and internationally) in November 2009 on behalf of the university; U.S. 8,796,431 (“Efficient Production of Peptides”) was issued on August 5, 2014. Other inventors listed on the patent include MCDB research associate Jonathan Caruthers, Ph.D., former MCDB undergraduate student Travis Nemkov, former MCDB Graduate Student Brian Hiester, Ph.D. and AmideBio CEO Misha Plam.
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