GE ImageQuant TL

GE ImageQuant TL Control Centre

You can install GE Health's ImageQuant TL on as many computers as you want. We have 25 floating licenses, which means that 25 people can use the software simultaneously. Your computer must be on campus or connected via VPN in order to use ImageQuant.

Installation Steps

  • Download install package.
  • Extract Installer.
    Extract Installer

  • Install ImageQuant TL (skip all the others).
    Install Splash Screen

  • Launch ImageQuant and choose an analysis (it doesn't matter which at this stage).
    ImageQuant Control Centre

  • Choose "Floating E-License".
    License Setup

  • Enter the License Server ( ).
    Enter the hostname

  • You're done, the software will remember the name of the License Server (but make sure you use VPN or are on campus).