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Brian DeDecker

Director of Undergraduate Research
Porter room B160A
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Ph.D. Yale University

Selected Publications

Zhou-Bin Lee, Christopher Firnhaber, Jesse Clarke and Brian S. DeDecker (2015). Gene and library synthesis without amplification: polymerase step reaction (PSR). BioTechniques 59:3, 163-166

Philippos Mourikis, Robert J. Lake, Christopher B. Firnhaber and Brian S. DeDecker (2010). Modifiers of Notch Transcriptional Activity Identified by Genome-Wide RNAi. BMC Developmental Biology 10:107

Stephen L. De Wall, Corrie Painter, Jennifer D. Stone, Rajintha Bandaranayake, Don C. Wiley, Timothy J. Mitchison, Lawrence J. Stern and Brian S. DeDecker (2006). Noble metals strip peptides from class II MHC proteins. Nature Chemical Biology 2, 197-201

Brian S. DeDecker (2000). Allosteric drugs: thinking outside the active-site box. Chemistry & Biology 7, 103-107