MCDB Courses

The Course Catalog

The courses listed are included in the Boulder campus catalog during the current academic year. This listing does not constitute a guarantee that any particular course will be offered during this year.

The Course Catalog is several pages long, with brief descriptions of each.

Consult Academic Advising for specific program and major requirements.

You can get a list of current and recent course offerings for each semester using the online Course Search.

A complete listing of classes being held this spring.

Notes on Course Numbering

  • 1000–2000 courses are usually intended for lower-division students (freshmen and sophomores).
  • 3000–4000 courses are intended for upper-division students (juniors and seniors), and may require instructor consent.
  • 5000 courses usually require graduate-student status, but may be open to qualified undergraduates with instructor consent. Consult the program or department.
  • 6000, 7000 and 8000 courses are usually open only to graduate students.


  • Coreq.—corequisite
  • Lab.—laboratory
  • Lect.—lecture
  • Prereq.—prerequisite
  • Rec.—recitation
  • CE/SL—civic engagement/service learning component

MCDB Course Web Sites

Most courses use the Desire2Learn Learning Management System, however, some courses have independent sites. See the instructor for directions.